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Looking for some inspiration for a day trip to Friesland? Visit Leeuwarden, the Cultural Capital of Europe 2018! Imagine strolling through the historical city centre, sitting down & relaxing at one of the many terraces along the city canals and/or tasting unique Frisian regional products! Discover Leeuwarden during a day trip to  Friesland!

Activiteiten in Leeuwarden - What to do?

In the Frisian capital, you won’t be bored for a second. Visit culinary hotspots, impressive museums, hip shops, tucked away boutiques and historical monuments. On a mission for culture? Even then you’ve come to the right place! It wasn’t voted Cultural Capital of Europe for nothing For example, there’s the Fries Museum which is known for its many famous exhibitions such as  Mata Hari and M.C. Escher. Here you can learn anything you’d like to know about the Frisian 11-Cities and Friesland’s position in the world. Will you be visiting with kids? Then don't miss the Natuurmuseum (nature museum) Fryslân! And just as suitable for adults as for children! Discover everything about the Frisian flora and fauna in a playful way. Explore the museums in Leeuwarden during a day trip to Friesland. There is something in it for everyone!

Would you like to enjoy culinary delights during a day trip to Friesland? You will find all kinds of culinary hotspots in Leeuwarden. Whether you are looking for a Burgundian snack plate, a quick bite or an elaborate dinner; everything is possible! Enjoy a healthy breakfast by the water on the terrace at Stek, a delicious lunch at Proefverlof in the old prison and end your day with an impressive dinner at Post Plaza, located in the former post office. You can enjoy culinary delights in special locations in Leeuwarden! 


There’s lots more to see - in Friesland

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