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There are plenty of activities in Leeuwarden. Are you a real culture-buff and would you like to discover everything about the city? Or are you an adventurer looking for action? Or would you rather dive into a terrace or a warm pub, where you quietly take in everything that is happening around you while enjoying good food or a good cup of coffee? Whatever type you are, there are plenty of activities in Leeuwarden!

Absorbing culture - Museums

Leeuwarden is absolutely the place for a cultural trip. It is no coincidence that the city was voted the Cultural Capital in 2018! In the Leeuwarden museums, you will find the most beautiful and exciting exhibitions, from special ceramics in the Princessehof to everything about the animal kingdom in Natuur Museum Fryslân (nature museum).

Action! - For adventurers

Time for some action? You are in the right place in Leeuwarden! From activities on the water to climbing in the most modern climbing centre in the Netherlands, there is something to do for every type of adventurer.

Calendar - All activities

The calendar is packed with cultural activities, from the renowned Frisian Museum to the foot of the Neushoorn. In Leeuwarden you can experience the most amazing events. Did you think summer was the festival season? Not in Leeuwarden! You can also experience the coolest festivals here in autumn and winter, such as Explore the North and the Northern Film Festival.

Culinary adventure - Yumm

There are also plenty of activities in Leeuwarden for the real culinary connoisseur. In Leeuwarden you will find all kinds of cosy cafés, brown bars, trendy eateries and luxurious restaurants. From low-budget to a 10-course dinner, from homemade ‘bitterballen’(a deep-friend minced meat snack) to a Burgundian appetizer platter. Whether you’d prefer to catch your breath while shopping in Leeuwarden or just discover the most special dining locations; we’ve got you covered.

More activities - in Leeuwarden

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