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Whether you prefer blond, brown, dark; white or Bock beer, Leeuwarden’s tens of speciality cafe’s and pubs will stand you in good stead for an evening of imbibing.​

Beer cafe The Markies

De Markies (The Marquis), is the centre for speciality beer in Leeuwarden. A cosy and homely cafe, it has staff that are seriously knowledgeable about beer, and will be happy to help the uninitiated. Warm service, smiles, and the largest selection of beers in the city- a great combination.

De Markies

The Spoek

In addition to having a wide range of speciality and craft beers, De Spoek is also the leading whiskey bar in the city. They have 55 varieties of beer, but a staggering 85 types of whiskey on the menu! So you can sip, or gulp, whilst enjoying the live music that De Spoek often puts on.

De Spoek

The Strohoed

Just around the corner from De Spoek, on de Eewal, is De Strohoed, which is ranked 58th on the ‘Cafe Top 100’ list of the best places to drink in the Netherlands. They have a huge range of fresh beers on tap, and a ready supply of board games. Beer + boardgames = a recipe for a successful evening!

De Strohoed

Double B

Are you plagued by a mixture of thirst and hunger? Head straight to Double B, for the perfect remedy. The house speciality mixture is a juicy burger and a good glass of draught beer. It’s a stylish place to eat and drink, in a former herenhuis, or manor house, that has been transformed into Leeuwarden’s premier ‘American Style’ burger bar.

Double B

Paddy O'Ryan

It wouldn’t be a full list of the best watering holes in Leeuwarden without mentioning the city’s  Irish pub. Whether you’re hankering for an afternoon of sport, or a spirited evening with live music, then you’ve got to head to Parry O’Ryan. Fancy a Guinness?

Paddy O'Ryan

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