Jister 13 G.J.S. | HW Yachtcharter

G.J.S. | HW Yachtcharter

We provide both luxury cruising holidays, and boat hire. Available boats can hold between 2 and 9 people, and range in length from 9 to 14.5 metres. Their heights are between 2.4m and 4.4m, and are all suitable for a great trip in any weather. Some of our cruisers are heated XXL convertibles with lounge sofas. They are all suitable for Dutch inland waters and, with permission, could be taken on the Ijsselmeer.

Luxuriously Equipped
In addition, our cruisers are equipped with free electronic navigation on an iPad, bow and stern thrusters, hot and cold running water, at least one toilet, refrigerator, gas-stove, efficient heating, radio and CD player and an automatic satellite dish for television.

No Licence Required
All our cruisers can be hired without a licence!