De Dassenboarch 11fountains IJlst

11fountains IJlst

According to Shinji Ohmaki, culture, like nature, forms layer upon layer. New generations continue building on a large foundation that will not disappear. Exactly as the city of IJlst originated. The old, largely feral stinsen (stone) plants are signs of that invisible underlay and of the role of man in its development. The fountain 'Immortal Flowers - Rikka' connects flowering stinsen plants as an element of Frisian nature with an ancient form of Japanese flower art, Ikebana. It symbolises the eternal connection between man, culture and nature.

This fountain is part of the 11fountains: eleven fountains in the eleven Frisian cities, designed by eleven artists from eleven different countries. 11fountains is an international art project for Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018, Cultural Capital of Europe, conceived and curated by Anna Tilroe.

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