Wilhelminaplein CityTrain Leeuwarden

CityTrain Leeuwarden

CityTrain Leeuwarden, the most ideal way to discover Leeuwarden in 45 minutes.


Wilhelminaplein, Leeuwarden (t.o. Palace of Justice)

City Train Leeuwarden takes a scenic ride through Leeuwarden's historic city centre. You will see the famous leaning tower the Oldehove. You also pass the beautiful canals, flanked by many national monuments. Like the Waag building, for example. And of course, we also drive over a mound. We also take you past the birthplace of M. C. Escher and that of Mata Hari, the beautiful Chancellery and the former prison the Blokhuispoort. And much more.
The ride takes about 45 minutes. It can be listened to in Dutch, French, German, English and Frisian.

The train runs from April to October


  • Adults€7.50 Also to be purchased at Leeuwarden Visitor Center or Ut Streekie.
  • Children€3.75 At Leeuwarden Visitor Center or the shop Ut Streekie
  • Adults€8.00 At the train.
  • Children€4.00 At the train.
  • Earphones included.
  • Payment options: Cash, PIN