Nieuwe Kade 1 Hotel Café Restaurant Oostergoo

Hotel Café Restaurant Oostergoo

Hotel Cafe Restaurant Oostergoo is a real family hotel. Located on the water and accessible directly from the Pikmeer.
In the heart of Friesland lies the picturesque water sports village of Grou, located in a wetland area with lots of natural beauty and good connections to places such as Leeuwarden, Sneek, Heerenveen and Drachten. Close to the village square in Grou, you will find Hotel Café Restaurant Oostergoo with a beautiful view over the water. The hotel has 18 comfortable rooms equipped with modern facilities. You can hold a meeting or enjoy your reception with a phenomenal view over the Pikmeer. You can enjoy culinary delights in the restaurant or outside on the beautiful waterfront terrace. And you are welcome to have a drink in our attractive café d'Oude Oost, dating from 1782. In other words, hotel Oostergoo offers a total experience for every occasion.