Smelbrêge 6 Vlaskamptún


The garden at the Doktershûs  in Stiens was designed by Gerrit Vlaskamp in 1868. It's a unique 'Frisian Heritage vegetation', (garden with winding paths) built in the English style, and complete with beautiful ornamental gardens. In 2012 the Doktershûs and garden came into the possession of Trudy van Riemsdijk-Zandee, and Willem van Riemsdijk, The garden was heavily overgrown. Together they restored the garden and made flower beds and paths visible again. The spring bloomers, stinzen (Frisian heritage) plants, received light and air again and bloom in full in the spring. The garden is open on a regular basis and can be visited by groups by appointment.


Stinze Stiens
Smelbrêge 6
9051BH Stiens
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