Borrel-ing in Leeuwarden


Just graduated? A birthday? Or ‘just because’, there’s always something to celebrate with a Borrel. Leeuwarden’s got all sorts of Borrel-ing spots available, whether you’d like a true Frisian beer, wine, or a fine cocktail. Cheers! Or, as a Frisian speaker may say, Tsjoch!

Cocktails - shake it!

Leeuwarden has loads of cocktail bars, including some that offer workshops! There’s as many places as there are tasting notes on a menu, with some that offer an exciting mix of creativity and flavour. 

At Kelder 65 is just one of the places offering workshops. An experienced mixologist will lead you through the creation of your drink, and explain all the different options: from fresh, to bitter, to fruity. Naturally, you can also leave it up to the professionals to mix for you!

If you’d prefer a terrace experience then head to Fellini City Lounge, which has a broad range to choose from. 

For a more exciting experience, though, seek out Dr. Watson. This ‘speakeasy’ bar is hidden in the middle of town, and through an unassuming door you’ll step back in time.

Stadsterras Leeuwarden

For the oenophile - Santé

If you’re a true oenophile, you might want to try a ‘High Wine’ arrangement. Great to do as a group activity, a High Wine includes four or five courses of wonderful wine, complete with tasting notes, guides to flavours, and little-known facts.

The best beers - discover

And onwards? - In Leeuwarden

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