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Cycling country!

Would you like to discover the natural beauty of Friesland by bike? Get out and do it now! You will find  recommendations on this page. From the bustling city centre, you can cycle into the peace and open space of the Frisian countryside all within fifteen minutes. In short: your cycling route starts in Leeuwarden.

Cycling - Let's go

Leeuwarden - Grote Wielen - Dokkumer Ee (31km)

You start at the Leeuwarder Schrans and ride through the city centre. Then you’ll go north over the dike along the water of the Dokkumer Ee (canal). This is a route in which you have variety; it takes you from the urban atmosphere to the beautiful wide landscape. For part of the trip, you’ll cycle through the Grutte Wielen (nature reserve) and along the Dokkumer Ee.

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Ferry route: De 8 van Grou (58km)

A special route just a stone's throw from Leeuwarden: the cycling route 'De 8 van Grou' offers plenty of options. This route owes its name to its shape, the number 8. The cycle route makes two loops through the Frisian Lake District and the Alde Feanen. Not in the mood for a typical cycling route? Then this is the perfect route for you as you can take the ferries from one side of the water to the other.

Edible Fryslân: Leeuwarden - Burgum (46km)

How about getting a breath of fresh air and enjoying the landscape and delicious Frisian products? Yes, you can do that all at the same time! This route is 46 kilometres long and takes you past six delicious as well as local establishments. You will pass Burgum, Noardburgum, Feanwâlden and Leeuwarden, among others. Click here for more information about this route.

Polder2Polder Route (43 km) 

This route takes you through the polder landscape south of Leeuwarden. Discover the traces of the Middelzee (Middle Sea) during the bike ride that takes you from the Hempensermeerpolder to the Leonserpolder. In the polders, you will see many meadow birds, such as the Black-tailed godwit and Redshank, and there are many special plants and flowers to be found!

This route is a collaboration between Staatsbosbeheer (state forest management) and Natuurmonumenten (nature monuments).

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States and stinzen - Fortresses and castles

Friesland contains the predecessors of the Dutch fortresses, castles and estates: states and stinzen. They used to be the symbols of wealth in Friesland. Today you can admire them during a bicycle ride from Leeuwarden.

The great tour of Leeuwarden (60km)

This bicycle route starts in Leeuwarden and leads you via the bicycle route network through various places in the vicinity of Leeuwarden. Here beautiful authentic noble houses and stone houses can be found. Examples of gems you will encounter are: Roordastate, the Poptaslot, Dekema State, Staniastate and the Schierstins. Of course, the route can be split up into parts, if you prefer to stop for a while and take in this beautiful piece of Frisian history!

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Bicycle route Jelsum – Koarnjum – Dokkummer Ee (15km)

This relatively short bicycle route has a lot to offer. You start at the Sint Vitus church in Stiens, just north of Leeuwarden. Then you will pass the Dekema State, Martenastate and the Túnmanswente (the former gardener's house).

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Bicycle route Marsum – Oentsjerk – Weidum (72km)

This bicycle route is similar to the large tour of Leeuwarden, but is slightly longer. You will pass the most beautiful country estates, noble houses and stone houses in the area of ​​Leeuwarden. Also, don't forget to enjoy the generous stone houses gardens you will encounter, filled with the most colourful flowers and plants. 

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De Elfstedenroute (the Eleven Cities Route) - Legendary

The route for real diehards! ‘The Tour of Tours’ is, of course, the one along the ‘Frisian Eleven Cities’: not only for ice-skaters, but also for cyclists. You can enjoy beautiful Friesland (in stages) over a distance of approximately 265 km.

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