6x the best ice-cream

in Leeuwarden

How do you top off a sunny day? Right…an ice-cream! In Leeuwarden there are plenty of ice-cream parlours and other places to score an ice-cold treat on hot days. From authentic Italian ice-cream to frozen yoghurt to full-cream ice cream prepared with the freshest ingredients that you will never want anything else. We’ve compiled a list of the best ice-cream parlours for you. Enjoy!

1. La Venezia

Authentic Italian ice cream is what you’ll get at La Venezia. This ice cream parlour is run by the Talamini family, who have been making ice cream according to Grandpa Antonio's recipe since 1934. In spring and summer you can choose from 25 flavours at La Venezia! This ice cream parlour is located on the Nieuwe Buren, a side street of the Voorstreek.

2. PUUR.

PUUR. ice cream parlour has a  huge selection. And that applies not only to the amount of flavours, but also to the amount of their parlours where you get an ice cream! In the centre of Leeuwarden, you will find two PUUR branches open in the spring and summer months: one at Zaailand and one on Kleine Kerkstraat. Whichever way you enter town, you can’t miss this ice cream parlour!

3. Margje 24

The traditional ‘farm ice cream’ from ice cream parlour Margje 24 is fresher than fresh. Fresh milk from their own cows is used to prepare the ice cream. Then the ice cream is brought directly from the farm to the ice cream parlour on the Harlingersingel in Leeuwarden.

4. The Bakery

The name may not do much for your expectations, but here you can score delicious ice-cream, as well. Situated on the Nieuwestad, The Bakery is an ideal pitstop during a day of shopping!

5. MIN12

Ice-cream parlour MIN12 is on the corner of the Kelders. This ice cream parlour is known for the round freezers in which the flavours of ice cream revolve. You can choose from countless flavours of ice-cream and sorbet, from good ol’ vanilla and strawberry to real Oldehove ice cream! What does that taste like? That’s a secret! Reason enough to try it yourself.

6. De Zuivelhoeve

Do you love frozen yoghurt? Then the Zuivelhoeve is the perfect place for you! The yoghurt ice-cream is made from Zuivelhoeve’s very own ‘Boer’n yoghurt’. In addition, they have many toppings to choose from.

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