Sunday 1 December Miniature People Leeuwarden - DIY walking route

Miniature People Leeuwarden - DIY walking route

Leeuwarden's city centre is full of Miniatures. They were left behind by Leeuwarden photographer/artist Michel tilma. Although they are very small, the miniatures have not gone unnoticed. Many people have already made a scavenger hunt through Leeuwarden city centre to look for the miniatures. With the hints on this map, the search is made a lot easier. Follow the route on the map and find as many as 69 scenes in Leeuwarden city centre with the help of hints. Can you find them all?

Before you start, always check Michel's website. Here you can also find a route update, indicating which scenes are temporarily missing or broken. Although it is often checked, it can sometimes happen that a scene is broken or removed. Send Michel a message if something is missing. And try not to touch the miniatures, they are very fragile.

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