Sunday 1 December Cycle junction map Southwest Friesland - Lakes

Cycle junction map Southwest Friesland - Lakes

Waterland of Friesland
Between the Woudagemaal in Lemmer and the Afsluitdijk lies Waterland of Friesland; the unique lake district in the southwest of Friesland. Here you can experience like no other how water has shaped the special landscape. Also special are the hospitable locals, sometimes a bit quirky but they are happy to welcome you.

You determine your own route and the number of kilometers you want to cycle. You can cycle in two directions, from junction to junction. Remember the number of the starting point where you start, so that, if you wish, you can end at the starting point again. At each junction you can choose the direction in which you want to continue your route. The distances between the junctions are indicated on the map.


  • Every year on the 1st of january and december until december 31st, 2024


  • Payment options: Cash, PIN