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Every Thursday and Friday, the Wilhelminaplein becomes a market. Old gems, and second (and third, fourth, or fifth hand) bargains can be found in the antique and curio market on Thursdays. During the Friday market, you’ll find local fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, creamy chesses; and beautiful bunches of flowers, as well as spicy roti’s for nibbling as you walk around.

A selection - of the market

Friday market

Every Friday afternoon, the Wilhelminaplein comes alive, with dozens of stalls, smells and goodies. From 9:00 to 17:00, you can shop to your hearts content, perhaps grabbing a gyros or box of kibbeling for lunch, then treating yourself to some flowers. The market is equally good for a quick stroll, or a deeper look- and parking isn’t a problem, with a multi-storey car park underneath the Wilhelminaplein- so you won’t have to carry your groceries far!

Saturday market

The Saturday market is the smaller sibling of the Friday market- with a selection of stalls running along the Nieuwestad in the centre of Leeuwarden.

Antique market

Thursday is the day for bargain-hunters and lover of second, third, or even tenth hand treasures. You never know what till turn up!

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