Leeuwarden Quiz


Lots of people will be spending the next few weeks at home, with events postponed, restaurants shut, and everyone asked to minimise social contact. In order to make staying home as nice as possible, we've made a fiendishly tricky Leeuwarden quiz. Play at home and see just how much you know about our wonderful city, and remember, no google-ing!​

Question 1:

How many people live in Leeuwarden?

Question 2:

How many steps does the Oldehove have?

Question 3:

What does 'MC' stand for in MC Escher?
Bonus question: What was his nick-name?

Question 4:

How names does Leeuwarden have? (We'll help you with three of them: Leeuwarden, Ljouwert, Liwwadden)

Question 5:

Upon which sea did Leeuwarden formely lie?

Vraag 6: 

Leeuwarden is one of the 11 Cities of Friesland. Name the others.

Question 7: 

What was the name of the music club that was in the Westerkerk between 2006 and 2015?

Question 8: 

Which street in the city was twice named 'loveliest shopping street in the Netherlands'?

Question 9: 

Which hotel is in a former post office?

Question 10: 

In which year did Leeuwarden gain city rights?

Question 11: 

In which year was Leeuwarden European Capital of Culture?
Bonus question: There are always two European Capitals of Culture in a year, name the other.

Question 12: 

How many national monuments (Rijksmonumenten) are there in the city?

Question 13:

What is the smallest art gallery in the Netherlands?

Question 14: 

The Fries Museum has been located on the Wilhelminaplein since 2013. Where was it before that?

Question 15: 

Which Frisian drink has a museum in the city?

The answers - i knew that!

So, how many did you know? Check the answers here, and find out how much you really know! And make sure to share the quiz with family and friends to compare scores!