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Colouring - wow!

Are you more of a 'colour within the lines' artist? Or perhaps your artistic talents know no boundaries? Either way, download the mandala below (lwd-style), make your own nativity scene and wrap the Oldehove in Christmas wrapping using the cutting and coloring sheet. Have you turned it in to a masterpiece? Share it with us! Send a picture of your creations and email it to marketing@leeuwarden.nl.

Colour-me Waag Colour-me Leeuwarden

Colour-me Pharmacy Colour-me Oldehove

Snip, colour, stick! - DIY

You know Leeuwarden’s iconic buildings: de Waag, the Achmeatoren, and the Oldehove; but have you ever thought that they’d look better lined up next to the Prinsentuin? There are plenty of ways to re-imagine the city, so go crazy! Colourful, overlapping, or zany; make your own LWD memory cards and get playing.

Paper model Memory card game

Inspiration - for at home

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