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until 10 July Sparks


Sparks is a presentation of Arcadia and of Fries StraatFestival, which this year focuses on nature, be it the lives of trees, or our own lives as humans. This interactive performance fits seamlessly with the theme, asking where we come from, and where we’re going.

Sparks takes place in ‘nature’, in this case the slow-moving forest of Bosk, an installation consisting of 1,000 trees, large and small. This is home to a new generation of youthful oracles, children who have studied the mysterious arts of soothsaying. These bearers of mystical knowledge have magic powers, and will interpret your future by reading the lifelines and branches on your hands. What will they see in yours? Dare you have your palm read by an oracle?


In Bosk, in de binnenstad van Leeuwarden
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  • Free


  • For all agesYes
  • ChildrenYes
  • AlternativeYes
  • GroupsYes
  • FamiliesYes
  • Young peopleYes
  • PupilsYes
  • StudentsYes
  • AdultsYes
  • Senior citizensYes
  • Maker: Francesca Grilli & Jasmin Hasler
  • LanguageNoProblemYes


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