Kingsday in Leeuwarden

27th of April

It will be an orange spectacle as usual: King's Day 2023. We'll toast to the king's 56th birthday, celebrate our royal roots, and there's only one color that matters: orange. With a flee market that runs almost through the entire historic city center and plenty of cozy parties, we'll make sure it will be a unforgettable day. Check here what you can expect during King's Day in Leeuwarden. Long live the King! Huzaah!

The complete guide to King's Day 2023 - woohoo!

Cheers to the King! - hurray

The Royal Roots of Leeuwarden

King's Day is of course entirely dedicated to our royal roots. But did you know that the Frisian capital has played an unmistakable role in the history of the European Royal House? From 1584 to 1747, Leeuwarden was the court city of the Frisian Nassaus. You can still see this today. Walk through the historic city center and find the roots of the royals on King's Day here in Leeuwarden.

Meet the Nassaus!

Public transport & Parking - convenient

Leeuwarden is also easily accessible during King's Day, but we recommend coming to the city by public transport or by bike. The city center is closed for cars from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. Public transport runs according to the Saturday schedule, and there are no buses running through the city on King's Day. Check Arriva and NS for the most up-to-date information and departure times. If you do come by car, check here for available parking spaces. Also useful:

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