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Now that we're advised to stay home as much as possible, it might feel like we're missing out on city life in all its wonderful forms. But, with fewer chances to go out, more possibilities open up within the home- especially when so many Leeuwarder institutions are involved! Here are some lovely initiatives going on that we can all enjoy.

Luckily lots of Leeuwarder shopkeepers and entrepreneurs, under huge pressure from the ongoing crisis, have come up with a positive spin on things by coming up with ingenious alternatives to their normal services. From a digital cinema or sports-school in your living room, to a three-course menu delivered to your dinner table. So, let's have a look at all the exceptional alternative services in Leeuwarden:

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Online exhibition

Fries Museum
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Free online yoga lessons

club yoga
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Reading Material


Roast at home

3 courses at home

Inspiration on a plate

Our screen-time is likely to shoot up due to our social isolation. So, if you've already browsed every online shop you know, and scrolled through Instagram until 'you've caught up with EVERYTHING', why not get some inspiration for your next trip to Leeuwarden?

Check out our beautiful hotspots, or dive into the city's rich history. And, if you've not seen our great range of Instagram shots, have a look below!

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Food & Drinks

Station Leeuwarden

Station Leeuwarden

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City trips

Stay the night

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