Summer in Leeuwarden


We enjoy the warm summer days to the fullest. In Leeuwarden this season stands for fun, for coming together - but for now at an appropriate distance. We enjoy the city and its space. We go to the park, stroll through the streets and take a seat on terraces. We take in as many sun rays as we can. And the hot spots? The whole city is a hotspot!

The best terraces - In the sun!

Whether you are sitting somewhere taking in the sun or trying to get that last available spot under an parasol on a terrace, in Leeuwarden you will always find that perfect spot. With good-humoured staff and cheerful guests, the atmosphere in Leeuwarden is always great... but you feel it even more in summer with sun and nice weather. So, find a spot, order a cold drink and enjoy!

Hidden courtyards - ssssh

What could be better than settling down on a twilight, sultry summer evening in a hidden courtyard garden? Enjoy a bite to eat, a drink, good food and good company. Discover the most hidden courtyards of Leeuwarden, but will you really keep them all to yourself?

Cooling off - cool!

Fortunately, in addition to all of the hotspots, Leeuwarden also has plenty of options to cool off. Find the coolness in one of the museums or head out to the water for swimming, SUPping (stand up paddling) or boating. And if you have the time, why not go to the Frisian Wadden Islands for a day? From Leeuwarden you will get there in no time! 

Nassauzomer in Leeuwarden

This summer is all about the rich Nassau history of Leeuwarden. From 1584 to 1747, Leeuwarden was the court city of the Netherlands and the city still has a touch of royal allure. Moreover, you will find the roots of the Royals in Leeuwarden. Maria Louise van Hessen-Kassel, Princess of Orange-Nassau (1688-1765), played an undeniable role in the emergence of our Royal House. This summer, discover Leeuwarden's fascinating Nassau history. Curious what there is to do?

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