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The first rays of the sun have broken through and everyone is secretly starting to get that certain itch: the itch for springtime! With the sun beaming on your head, discover the historical city, safely and at an appropriate distance. But we will also send you ‘off the beaten track’ and into nature. And nature is closer by than you may realise. You’ll end up in the most beautiful places, with the Achmeatoren (Achmea Tower) on the horizon. We have compiled a list of the best spring hotspots for you.

The historical city centre - discover!

In the historical city centre of Leeuwarden, you will find everything from beautiful historical buildings and monuments, to winding city canals that lead to pleasant shopping streets,  to hidden courtyards and guest houses. You can still see that Leeuwarden used to be the royal city of the Netherlands:  palaces, an old prison, a former post office and impressive churches. Leeuwarden breathes history! Discover the historical city centre!

The Prinsentuin (princes’ garden)

Thanks to King Willem I, we have been able to enjoy the beautiful city park De Prinsentuin since 1795. He donated the park to the Leeuwarden community at the time and since then both young and old have been enjoying this beautiful piece of nature in the middle of the historical city centre. You can experience De Prinsentuin at its best especially in spring, when the whole park is in bloom. Settle here for a pleasant picnic by the water, a good cup of coffee on the terrace of De Koperen Tuin (Copper Garden) or just take a lovely walk through the park.

Discover the historical city centre

Strolling - nature

As wonderful as the city is, sometimes you just need to escape. Walking while taking in the fresh air, smelling nature, for example. Just a few kilometres from the city centre, the sounds of the city fade and you are amongst the most beautiful trees, birds and waterways. An oasis in the middle of the city. Roll out your picnic blanket!

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