Romance at home

14 february

This month we’re celebrating love. But, since we can’t go out on romantic dates, we’ll have to bring in the same feeling at home. We’ll show you how (thank us later)!

Liefde gaat door de maag - yum!

How about roses, the smell of fresh pizza, a glass of bubbly; and a sweet desert to share? Great! How about having that experience at home? There’s no need to go out; so whether you’re putting together a multi course feast, or just dialing for pizza, enjoy!

Local sweet treats - Hmmm

Yes please! - gifts

Normally it’s no problem getting a dozen roses (cliché) and a box of bonbons, but this year it’s a bit more of an undertaking. Luckily there’s no shortage of local gift shops open, and with a bit of luck you can get same-day delivery!

Love is in the air - swoon

Did you know that you can get the latest international arthouse films from the Slieker film house right on your own sofa? That includes all the romantic top-hits, too. Good to know, right?

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