Leeuwarden loves vintage!


Leeuwarden loves vintage! Aside from the fact that second hand clothing can be lovely in itself, buying second-hand clothes is certainly a responsible way to show. Through giving an item of clothing its second, third, or tenth life in place of buying something new, together we produce less waste, and act against over-production. So, why not try it? And, lets not forget, that “thrifting” is a really great experience!

In the last year, there have been a large number of second-hand and vintage stores opening, and that's brilliant! The most recent Leeuwarder asset is REGVERDIG (an Afrikaans word meaning 'righteous'). At REGVERDIG, sellers can 'hire' a hanger, and then accrue a percentage of the selling price from the shop. Thanks to this, the selection at the shop is always diverse, and the shop is always full!

Another place that's completely packed with treasures is De Plek Vintage. Here, you'll find some true classics: from cowboy boots to Hawaiian shirts, and from oversized 80's trousers to cute polka-dot dresses, De Plek Vintage is the place to be. You'll find De Plek around the corner from REGVERDIG.

If you go a little further down the Oosterstraat, you'll find OVERENWEER. At OVERERNWEER you'll find a huge selection of branded clothing. From Adidas to Armani, some great pieces hang from the racks here. And, as you'll see, the prices are pretty tasty too. We love second-hand!

You'll travel back in time whenever you step into the shop Designed for Maria. On 'de Tuinen' in Leeuwarden, you can find this adorable shop, full of vintage mid-century clothing and accessories. Feel the fifties, or take a dip into the roaring twenties.

During this voyage into thrifting, hopefully the beautiful and historic city centre of Leeuwarden didn't go unnoticed. Let yourself wander through the streets, and eventually you'll end up at Madelief. At this unique store the door is always open for you- the shop instantly puts you at ease, and you can even just stay and chill for a while in its incredible interior.

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