Fresh start!


Happy 2022! After extensive Christmas brunches, luxurious dinners and on New Year's Eve as many ‘oliebollen’ (donut-like pastries) as you can eat (or secretly just one too many), we’ll  start the new year with a fresh start. We are going on the healthy tour again in January. Would you like to join us? In Leeuwarden, there are plenty of options for healthy eating and more exercise. We have listed the best hotspots & tips for you.

Healthy eating - hotspots

These hotspots prove that healthy eating can be a party! Colourful salads, a steaming bowl of soup full of vegetables, Vietnamese summer rolls or a poké bowl to die for: we got it covered.

  • Dr. Plant

    Dr. Plant
  • Soups & Salads

    Soups & Salads
  • Bowls 'n Rolls

    poké bowls & more
    Bowls 'n Rolls
  • Stek

    Nice location
    Stek Leeuwarden
  • Banhs & Boba

    Asian street food
  • Lazy Lemon


Fresh air - Go outside

Put on your walking shoes - we're going outside! Whether you are going to explore the nature around the city or opt for the shelter of the city centre, we have collected the best tips and walking routes for you.

  • Into nature

  • On the road in the city centre

Cheat day! - Indulgence

Nice: healthy food and exercise. But you can also treat yourself to something once in a while! A bountifully topped pizza, a nice piece of cheese or a cup of hot chocolate with a big dollop of whipped cream, thanks to ‘cheat day’, it is easier to maintain our healthy lifestyle. And... you didn’t get these tips from us, right?

  • Pip's Delicious

    Sweet Bliss
    Pip's Delicious
  • Puur.

  • De Zuivelhoeve

    I want cheese! 
    De Zuivelhoeve Leeuwarden
  • DE Café

    Coffee time
    Douwe Egberts Leeuwarden
  • 5x real Italian

    Pizza & pasta
    Pizza Leeuwarden
  • Margje 24

    Margje 24

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