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A perfectly-cooked pizza margherita, hearty lasagne al forno, or the perfect spaghetti napolitana: who doesn't love Italian food? In Leeuwarden you'll find a huge range of Italian restaurants, many of which are located in the city's historic centre. You're hungry, so we'll make this as easy as possible. We've collated the top six restaurants where you can order some of the many Italian culinary delights that Leeuwarden offers. Buon Appetito!​


One of the oldest pizzerias in the city. Aside from the food, the restaurant makes for a true Italian experience. The stone walls are bedecked with old Italian wine bottles, whilst the scent of freshly-baked pizza meets you at the door. Sardegna has a varied menu, rich pizzas and a casual, homely atmosphere. You're guaranteed a top evening, for a low price. You can find Sardegna on the Grote Hoogstraat.

Trattoria Italia

How about heading into a real Italian kitchen? Then head to Trattoria Italia! This restaurant breathes Italian way of life. Start your dinner off with some spiced prawns as a starter, follow is up with a heavenly risotto for your main course, and finish the evening off with a real Italian gelato. Served with an unbeatable Italian wine, or a refreshing Peroni. At Trattoria, you might pay a little more for your meal, but it's certainly worth the price. It's also worth pointing out that the restaurant sits in one of the most lovely shopping streets in the city: the Sint Jacobsstraat.

Pizzeria Pidokkio

Did someone say pizza? Don't miss out on Pidokkio! This authentic Italian restaurant has become renowned for Leeuwarders, namely because of their use of fresh ingredients, and the traditional methods used to prepare dishes. Take a seat in the pleasant inner-courtyard garden, and make sure you try some of the home-made Tiramisu. Still not full? Opposite Piddokkio you'll find the Italian ice cream salon La Venezia, where they prepare Italian gelato with a Leeuwarder twist!


Located in a brilliant spot on the Kleine Kerkstraat. At this diverse restaurant you can't actually order and pizza, instead the menu is packed with authentic Italian dishes, from the region of Umbria. Mimma has slightly higher prices, but this is matched by the incredibly high-quality ingredients. In the kitchen, pure and natural ingredients become exceptional plates of food, including legumes, vegetables, and fresh herbs. As well as pastas, the restaurant serves various fish dishes, and tenderloin with matching wines for oenophiles. If you're looking for an outstanding dinner, make sure you get down to Mimma!

Pizzeria Pompeï

This pizzeria is known for their authentic Napolitan pizza's, which are prepared artisanally and fired in the wood-fuelled oven. This makes for a perfectly-cooked pizza with a proper crisp crust. An incredible combination, if we do say so ourselves! The centrally-located restaurant maintains an authentic Italian atmosphere, and is really cozy: especially if you choose a seat in the cellar. At Pompeï you won't pay a huge amount for your pizza, and if you're a student then there are loads of offers, including discounts and a special student menu.

De Burgemeester van Napels

The 'Mayor of Naples' is known for its cool, industrial appearance. The restaurant is right by Leeuwarden station: handy if you're looking for a bite to eat before travelling. Or, just to line your stomach before a big evening of shopping! You'll find delicious Napolitan pizza's being baked, with non-traditional toppings that you wouldn't have even thought to put together: such as potato with fennel sausage and Scamorza cheese. If you fancy indulging in 'borrel' after you've eaten, no problem! Sample one of the restaurants lovely selection of board games, and relax.

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