Autumn in Leeuwarden

Autumn fun!

Slowly but surely, a fresh wind is blowing and the streets of the city are becoming darker again. Time to find the warmth! In Leeuwarden you will discover heartwarming events and special exhibitions this autumn. Wander through the historic downtown, where you'll stumble upon hidden gems and local boutiques. Heated terraces, brown cafés and the best places to hide from a downpour: we have listed all the autumn hotspots for you.

Warm terraces - Year-Round

Frysk Suikerbrood (Frisian Sugar bread) Liqueur, and Boomsma Beerenburg (bitter) or Grutte Pier Beer. You can taste the Frisian culture all year round. Take a seat under a garland of twinkling lights, by a crackling fire and pull a warm blanket over your knees. Whether you dive into a brown café or grab a heated terrace, it is still cozy. Where do you warm up?

A shot of culture - MDM&A

For your recommended dose of Music, Dance, Museums & Activities; the whole autumn in Leeuwarden is all about a shot of culture! From October to December we enjoy good music, moving films, high-profile theater and impressive (light) art. Because we could use some extra specks of dust for happiness in these dark months.

Museums - Take shelter

The best place to get through a drizzly autumn afternoon? How about a museum! This autumn you will find the most talked-about exhibitions in Leeuwarden. Discover a very exciting exhibition in the Fries Museum this autumn and it's one big party in the Princessehof!

The best places to take shelter - Fun!

Even more - Nice!

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