Autumn in Leeuwarden


It's Autumn again. Whilst the falling leaves turn the streets a work orange, it's getting cold outside. Time to stay in, then. A cup of steaming coffee, a blissfully warming plate of pasta, or a hearty Borrel, in Leeuwarden we taste the season. See here for inspiration on how to warm up!

Dining for hours - tasty!

What is tastier than an entire evening dining? Each course after the other makes you fuller and fuller; warmer and warmer. Leeuwarden is full of convivial dining places, so we're highlighting a couple of our choices here.

© Lucas Kemper - Eindeloos


© Lucas Kemper


© Bar Bistro Duco Leeuwarden

Bar Bistro Duco

© Sjoddy Leeuwarden


© VisitLeeuwarden

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Warm terraces - cozy

Twinkling lights, a crackling fire, and a blanket over your knees. We still head to the terrace in Autumn, it's just a slightly different experience! Order Gluwein instead of a summery Rosé, and settle in. Where do you want to warm up?

© De Walrus Leeuwarden

De Walrus

© Marc de Fotograaf - Nieuwestad

Fire Café


© Paddy O'Ryan

Paddy O'Ryan

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