By far

The nicest!

For over a year, we have been discovering, meeting and working at a distance of one and a half metres from each other. We see entrepreneurs coming up with the most impressive alternatives, we embrace new ways of coming together and we grab every opportunity to ‘get out and about’ safely. We take each other into account as safety comes first. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy all the beauty that Leeuwarden has to offer. In fact, we might appreciate our fantastic city even more now! Even at a distance from one another, Leeuwarden is still the nicest city. And the most beautiful. And the cosiest. And the...



By far... - What would you choose?

By far - The most interesting!

Leeuwarden is full of interesting, important and generous history. The Second World War has still left a visible and tangible impression. You will find the roots of our royals here and you can discover everything about two former residents: Mata Hari and M.C. Escher. And the nice thing is, you can learn everything about this impressive history in many different ways.

Leeuwarden is - By far...