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until 20 April Shifft & Jasper van Luijk & DOX | Krave

Shifft & Jasper van Luijk & DOX | Krave

An intense hunger for togetherness, that is Krave. Seven young dancers meet in a last-ditch effort to break free from the world around them. A compelling society that always asks for more. Despite their differences, they crave contact, a way to merge. However fleeting or temporary.

Krave is a physical performance in which bodies ravage, collide, entwine and whip each other up. In which all seasons pass in one night. Where souls merge until there remains an elated crowd with only one fear: facing the approaching morning.


Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie
Stadsschouwburg De Harmonie Leeuwarden
Ruiterskwartier 4
8911 BP Leeuwarden
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  • €19.50
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