12 until 18 June SKATE4day, will you be skating with us?

SKATE4day, will you be skating with us?

From June 12 to 18, 2023, the National SKATE4day will take place for the 3rd time. Four times in one week, enjoy going outside to skate. Will you be participatong? Join a skating or inline skating club near you or download GoSkate and sign up!

Do you also love skating and love a fun challenge? Then the SKATE4day is definitely for you! You can participate in the SKATE4day from home with the GoSkate app. Go on the road for four days and roll on the asphalt, alone, with your family, with your skate friends or with your skating or inline skating club.


Mississippidreef 153
3565 CE Putrecht
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  • Daily starting from june 12th, 2023 until june 18th, 2023